Visibility and commercial synergies

Making portions of the space available to selected external entities through a system of temporary concessions means greatly amplifying the visibility and authority of your fitness centre in the eyes of the public and insiders. The fact that emerging brands decide to allocate assets within your structure serves as significant "social proof". Show how your box is considered the ideal location to convey certain products or services in target with your catchment area. This indirectly strengthens the appeal and reputation of your core brand.

Enrich the experience by improving retention

But not only in terms of mere reputation and external visibility. Pop-up shops with products and services that are strongly related to your core business greatly enrich and expand the overall experience you can offer to your current customers, increasing the level of satisfaction and retention. If, for example, you host a corner managed by an innovative sportswear company, or a space for physiotherapy treatments, you add further value to the offer package available in your centre. As a result, members benefit from a wider range of products and services tailored to their needs without having to resort to other external facilities.

Acquire new potential customers for the box

There is also a further strategic commercial objective linked to the presence of these leased spaces managed "in franchising". In addition to the customer base already acquired by the fitness centre, it may happen that other new potential prospects come to the facility specifically attracted by the products or services available in the temporary shop. Thanks to the traffic of interest generated by the hosted operator, the chances of intercepting new possible customers to be converted to their fitness boxing, weight room or course subscriptions also increase. An easy and immediate conversion thanks to the direct contact that these occasional visitors have with the environment and the staff of the centre.

Capture a percentage of the profits generated

In addition to the advantage of acquiring new potential members of their gym, hosting temporary shops allows the box owner to maximize profit opportunities also through another lever: setting in the temporary concession contract a fixed percentage of the turnover developed by the shops within the structure. A win-win formula, given that even for the hosted brand the operation can be very convenient both in terms of lead generation and square footage with remarkably low costs.

How to manage the concession of spaces

Before embarking on the adventure, the fitness centre interested in exploring this potentially lucrative business must develop a business plan that defines criteria and methods for awarding concessions to third-party operators...

How to choose trading partners

Fundamental to the success of the project is to carefully identify which operators to entrust the retail spaces within the location on the basis of parameters of strategic affinity with one's business model and branding objectives.

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