Some questions a Box Owner should be able to answer

I have gathered some questions that a Box Owners should ask themselves to take stock of their situation and keep their Box on track. Knowing the answers or reflecting on them could make the difference between a successful Box and a mediocre one destined to close due to crisis and inability to do business.

DO I FIND TIME ENOUGH TO WORK ON MY BUSINESS? The Box Owner is usually the first one there in the morning, unlocking the doors before the sun rises. And almost always the last to leave the Box late in the evening. However, managing a business is more than just managing daily operations and being on site. Make sure you can also invest the time necessary to build your community. Networking with other Boxes, creating a following on social media and developing a sense of community; these are all important actions to grow your business as much as the classes and daily operations are. May be you should ocnsider to hire someone skilled enough to help you.

IS MY BOX GROWING? Everyone tells you not to lose sight of the classes and programming. It's important, but don't forget the other ways to measure improvement. If you set your KPI (key performance indicators) at the beginning of your business plan, it will be much easier to measure your progress and growth.

CAN I COMPETE WITH A NEWER, BIGGER AND MORE ATTRACTIVE COMPETITOR? Of course you can, as long as you define your unique value and differentiate yourself from the competition. Often, Boxes copy each other, trying to replicate the success of the initial model Box. But unfortunately, you can't recreate great creative personalities and their approach to business. In this business, everything revolves around the Box Owner and their staff. An exceptional staff combined with outside-the-box programming can compete with anyone.

DO I HAVE THE TYPE OF BOX THAT PEOPLE WHO "DO NOT JOIN BOXES" WOULD JOIN? Creating a "welcome mat" metaphorically rolled out for members and engaging them beyond the borders of the Box as a building and equipment often involves interaction with future members in their comfort zones. Identifying with your community, addressing existing needs and challenges, and serving as a resource for future members deconditioned puts you in a position to be the only choice when they are ready to join a Box.

WHERE ARE MY COMPETITORS VULENRABLE? No structure can be "one fits all" as every structure has its own challenges, rules, and even personality. That's why you need to observe competitors and know them thoroughly. Only then can you identify where your Box can outperform the competition and help you focus on what you do best.

WHICH INDUSTRY BENCHMARKS AND KPI SHOULD I FOCIS ON? Key performance indicators are crucial to success when it comes to operating a successful entity. What's your revenue per square meter? How do your annual visits compare to previous years? What's your percentage on gross salary? Knowing your business means knowing your numbers and viceversa.

WHAT MANAGEMENT ROUTINES DO I UNPDATE EVERY AT LEAST YEAR? As your Box evolves, so should your operating procedures. Job descriptions should be reviewed at least every two years, as well as basic operating activities like Manager on Duty protocols, opening/closing checklists, and individual departmental protocols to emphasize the importance of continuous improvement.

The best operators and managers in our industry do nothing but seek challenges from collaborators. Inspecting what you expect from them allows you to modify and develop existing management methods and create accountability for staff. The synergy between staff, owners, and operators should focus on a desire to be better collectively and individually. This only happens with responsibility and trust.

Your website and social media posts offer windows of opportunity for future members to explore and both are an integral part of the member acquisition process. Knowing what is successful, what needs a boost, what messages generate responses, and how many people find you is a must to justify this part of your marketing efforts.

Inserting a new member is one of the most important aspects of creating an inclusion culture in your Box and can impact a member's length of stay with you. Guiding and educating them on how to make the most of everything the Box has to offer is crucial to a successful experience for members as they try to find their place in your community. Learning how to best communicate with them, what information they need, and how to connect them with others is essential to their experience and your business.

DOES MY MARKETING PLAN COVER THE 6 ESSENTIAL POINTS OF CONTACT WITH FUTURE MEMBERS? We believe that there are six key points of contact that ensure your messages are seen by the surrounding community and your existing member base. Internal Box communication, external offers, community engagement, consistent communication with former members, and special events are all essential elements for successful marketing plans.

AM I CONSTANTLY WORKING TO DEVELOP THE BEST STAFF MY BOX CAN OFFER? An exceptional staff is vital to a Box's success. Hiring the best in the industry can lead to results in dynamic and creative programming. Providing professional growth opportunities within your organization and outlets for staff to feel challenged, leads to consistent results as staff will feel more valued and engaged and not look to leave as often happens.

AM I STILL HAVING FUN AND DOES MY BOX STILL HAVE GREAT ENERGY? Energy is the strongest ingredient a Box produces. If it's positive, the culture thrives and grows. If negative, it's human nature to shy away and look elsewhere. We must remember we're in an industry of smiles, fun, hard work, and activity and projecting these traits does a lot to support excellence.

Are you looking to take your business to the next level?