Creative and proactive person with a technical background, entrepreneurial skills as well as marketing and communication, specialized in start-up and project management in the industries of media, telecommunications, fitness and sports. Known also as author of written, audio and video contents on several topics. 

My strengths are the knowledge of the specific market, the competence, the experience, the passion and the ability to find creative and reliable solutions.

I am the classic "cross skilled man" who never has a specific role in a company but is able to cover many of them, becoming with time a sort of historical memory of the company itself; in short, the ideal Top Manager who well embodies the role of a CEO or a General Manager able to motivate employees and their best to achieve common goals.

Since I met CrossFit® in 2009 I started to work on this discipline and to develop it from the point of view of business in the Italian-speaking territories but above all I have learned how often the fact of not being specialized is of great help in finding creative and original solutions to the problems that often arise in business management.

I commute often between London and Lugano and in addition to CrossFit I practice rowing mainly on Lake Lugano as a member of the Rowing Society Ceresio Gandria-Castagnola, one of the most historic rowing societies in Switzerland, not disdaining indoor rowing by participating sometimes to competitions in Master E category.

I try to spend as much time as possible in contact with nature and I like to run in the fantastic woods of the Canton Ticino, as well as ride through them on a Mountain Bike. In the summer I tan near the rivers and go hiking in the mountains to conquer the Alpine peaks.

I like all the music that always accompanies every moment of my life and as soon as I can I read, especially the classics or technical magazines that, although less exciting, allow me to keep up to date on how the world around me is evolving.

My prevailing characteristic is surely trying to always manage situations, especially when I realize that other people are not able to do it or let themselves panic. Organizing is stronger than me. Just the way I am.

Main Skills

Marketing & Communication

Project Management

Management Consulting

Start-up Consulting

Contents Author

Multimedia Production

For more information on my professional career, you can consult my profile Linkedin whereas if you want to contact me you can write to me at the e-mail address or through whatsapp by sending a message at the bottom of this page or using the form below.