Despite the reason why you’re in the business of fitness, if you want to survive you got to do what any business owner is expected to do.

Find a direction

Learning to plan and to set a goal is the only way to avoid problems and failures

No fun, no members

Who said that CrossFit don’t can’t be also fun? Too much Box take this fitness activity too seriously and this often causes a fallout of members.

Back in time

Monday hike in a place that seems suspended in time.

Ecological awareness between words and fact to change thing so they won’t change.

Is CrossFit® for everyone?

Is really CrossFit for everyone? And what is our role in spread this culture?

No one is to blame.

Did you ever notice that every time something goes wrong you tend to blame external factors?

Those crossed arms.

Non verbal communicatin and commmunicators sometimes are comtradditory. Did you ever notice?

Where is going CrossFit Inc?

Not everybody agree with the recent repositioning of CrossFit Inc. but actually it is a return to the original spirit.


Vi capita mai di avere nostalgia di qualcosa che non esiste più ma che era decisamente meglio di come è ora?

September, time to migrate.

No no, don’t worry, I don’t want to talk to you about the Abruzzese shepherds but about some changes in this blog.

I feel confused. Help!

Are we suret hat every affiliated Box offer pure CrossFit?