“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity
an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”

- Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill -

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What about a survey?

Surveys are useful tools that allow us to understand if we are doing well and to offer services that meet customer needs.

Keep it simple

Long, short, two times, one time, open. The subscription plans can be a nigthmare.

Scaling and adaption

There is also another side of scaling that is more connected to the business aspect of the gym and is the ability to scale all your business according with the requirements of your clients.

Dreams and reality

Have you ever wondered how your box could be if you was well trained to manage it?

It’s all about knowledge

Knowledge is the only way to succeed. IF you don’t have it, just rent someone who can transfer it to you.

CrossFIt methodology works well also outside the Box, Init?

Is quality a sales driver?

Is really quality a good sale argument in the fitness industry? Let’s investigate a little bit.

Journey to the Box

Did you know? Customer acquisition for the Box and its loyalty goes through the so called “customer journey”.


Branding definition is one of the most important steps in running a Box.